Best Cheerleading Colleges in the world

Cheerleading is available in almost all high schools and colleges across the country. It is regarded as an athletic activity. This post is for you if you want to apply to the top cheerleading college but don’t know where to begin. Keep reading to learn more about the  Cheerleading Colleges listed below;

Best Cheerleading Colleges

Below is the list of the best cheerleading colleges

  • University of Kentucky
  • Concordia University
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Hawaii
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Mississippi
  • University of South Carolina

1. University Of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is one of the nation’s oldest universities and was established in 1865. They have one of the most competitive cheerleading programs in the nation. Their athletes are not only tremendously talented, but they also put in a ton of effort.

The University of Kentucky should be the best on your list if you want to be a Division I cheerleader. You should be ready for taxing workout sessions with such a rigorous program. Your peers are as eager as you are to join a top cheerleading team, and the competition is fierce.

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2. Concordia University

Many people consider Concordia University’s cheerleading squad one of the most competitive in the nation. It is one of the top cheerleading universities in the US. This is because the institution offers scholarships that range in value based on a student’s academic background, athletic ability, and experience level.

The student-eligibility athletes for these sports scholarships are renewed each year if they continue to compete well in their sport. Student-athletes can apply for academic scholarships and any sports scholarships they may already have. The former is chosen and awarded throughout the application procedure, and students frequently receive them based on their overall merit.

Cheerleaders can also apply for several grants that are readily available online. Every student-athlete who represents the school in competition must be a part of one of the school’s competitive squads, which may include teams for female students and NAIA participants.

There will be a set of assessments to decide placement before the competition. Whether or not teams must travel to each other is up to the head coach’s discretion.

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3. University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama cheerleading squad ranks among the nation’s finest every year. Two teams make up their cheerleading program: an All Girl team that attends women’s home football, basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics matches and a Coed team that follows all home and away men’s basketball and football games.

Every January, both teams compete in the UCA National Tournament. Fans are expected to plan their lessons around the time the coaches have designated. Fans are required to attend weekly training sessions in addition to training.

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4. University Of Minnesota

The goal of the Spirit Squad at the University of Minnesota is to serve and guide student-athletes to academic and athletic greatness. They provide their teams with genuine care and instruction through the variety of traits and qualities they possess.

Their ultimate objective is to create thoughtful, sincere, and selfless ambassadors for Minnesota. The University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus cheerleading squad is called the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Spirit Squads. The University of Minnesota is referred to as the “Birthplace of Cheerleading” because it was the first program to start anywhere globally.


Despite size variations yearly, men and women make up the Coed and Small Coed cheer squads. Also, there are 19 female dancers on the Minnesota Dance Team.

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5. University Of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii works very hard to please its loyal supporters. The college offers between 12 and 14 full-time scholarships that are only available to the cheerleading squad.

These scholarships cover all expenses associated with instructing qualified cheerleaders from within and outside the area.

Additionally, the university offers international cheerleaders the chance to apply for a second scholarship.


Overseas cheerleaders who meet the requirements must pay 50% of the training costs. Fans also have the chance to apply for several Western Undergraduate Exchange scholarships and get their tuition fees reduced if they match the requirements.

With Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), students enrolled in one of the more than 160 public colleges and universities participating in the program can lower or even wholly forego their tuition payments.

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6. University Of Central Florida

One of the top collegiate cheerleading programs is unquestionably UCF. The UCF cheerleading squad, which the university organizes, comprises 16 men and 16 women. The team acts as the University of Central Florida Ambassador annually and represents UCF at home and away football games, basketball games, and all home volleyball games.

After the regular season, the UCF cheerleaders attend all away football games, conferences, and tournaments. The top 16 freshmen and returning team members are awarded scholarships worth between $1,000 and $2,000 yearly. Since Nike is the team’s sponsor, students can acquire their outfits, shoes, warm-up exercises, bags, and other accessories for free.


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7. University Of Delaware

The University of Delaware cheerleading team won the Open Division I championship of the Universal Support Association in February 2020, marking the program’s second straight national championship.

In achieving its objectives, the cheerleading squad has made considerable strides. Those who want to join the team and participate in its activities can apply for scholarships.

You can be eligible for scholarships worth up to $7,500 if you reside in Delaware.

These scholarships are awarded to student-athletes based on their athletic and academic achievements, and the Inter-University Athletics Department is in charge of administering and dispersing them. The department adheres to the standards and guidelines established by the NCAA regarding athletic scholarships and awards. Also, the amounts provided to cheerleaders vary.


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8. University of Oklahoma

Besides the soccer and rodeo teams, University of Oklahoma Panhandle (OPSU) athletes, known as Aggies, are supported by their genuine fans. The university also provides its undergraduate athletes from within and outside the state with hefty cheerleading scholarships. For a student who qualifies, the sum might reach US$10,500.

The minimum residency requirement for state students is three years, and the minimum GPA is 2.5. The same rigorous academic and athletic conditions apply to scholarship-conscious collegiate sports fans as to their NCAA-recognized counterparts.

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9. University Of Mississippi

One of the top cheerleading colleges in the US is the Cheerleading College of Mississippi. The University is seeking cheerleaders committed to promoting Ole Miss favourably in the community, on social media, and during games.


These include displaying a high performance on game day, managing the crowd, being professional, having a positive attitude and work ethic, and speaking clearly.

All applicants must be enrolled, applied to the school or admitted at the University of Mississippi.

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10. University of South Carolina                                                                    

The Gamecocks’ cheerleaders are fiercely devoted to the university and its athletic teams. The cheerleaders work extremely hard all year to represent South Carolina’s pride and traditions.

Throughout the year, two highly skilled teams– Coed teams, and All-girls team can be seen playing in male and female soccer matches, basketball and volleyball matches, and several other campus and neighbourhood events.


Each spring, both teams compete in their respective divisions at the NCA National Championships, where they demonstrate their abilities.

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A fantastic way to get active in college is through cheerleading. You can meet new people, be involved, and proudly represent your school. The institutions mentioned above are an excellent place to start if you seek a great cheerleading program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cheerleading A Sport?

Since it is not viewed as a competitive activity, it is not categorized as a “sport.” However, as cheerleading events have grown in popularity, this has changed that mindset.

Does Cheerleading Have Any Benefits?

Cheerleading and dance teams at numerous schools and universities receive additional benefits. These perks include free meals, clothing, shoes, sporting goods, and free travel and lodging on training and competition trips.


Additionally, scholarships may provide grants for student athletes’ on-campus meals, book benefits and student discounts, and transcript credit hours.

In actuality, cheerleading scholarships are relatively modest compared to full and partial athletic scholarships. But these scholarships are not awful if cheerleading is your thing!

How Can You Be Recruited As College Cheerleader?

Most college cheerleaders are typically recruited through attending clinics held on campus, sending a recruiting video via email, and competing in elite club cheerleading events like All-Star and Team USA.

What Cheerleading Position Is The Most Challenging?

The base position in cheerleading is widely regarded as the toughest. Every stunt needs a solid base to be successful! Throughout the routine, the grounds must have a stable footing, strongholds, and the ability to catch fly balls.




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