Best Colleges For Gymnastics In The World

Nowadays, several schools, colleges, and universities offer gymnastics programs because of the abundance of great facilities in practically every nation. And as gymnastics gains popularity and interest, more and more students tend to participate.

Ever wondered which universities offer the most outstanding gymnastics programs? There are a lot of outstanding gymnastics colleges available. Deciding on where you want to attend college might be difficult.

Several best institutions have been developing programs to entice even more gymnastics stars. The best colleges that offer gymnastics as a sport for academics and competition are listed below. Read on to discover more about them!

Best Colleges For Gymnastics

  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Stanford University
  • University of Florida
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Washington

1. University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA was founded as a public university in 1919. This university is renowned for both its exceptional academic and athletic programs. The UCLA gymnasts are coached by a diverse group of people who worry about flawless routines and scores. They spend their entire semesters honing their practices to finish the job perfectly.

The UCLA coaches are not only very approachable but also very hands-on. They are concerned about their athletes as people and make sure they aren’t neglecting their schoolwork. UCLA has won seven NCAA championships and boasts a secure and exciting environment. Coaches and the squad promote the value of diversity, creativity, and positivism to succeed.

The Pauley Pavilion, which can accommodate 10,000 people and is also the home of the well-known basketball player Lonzo Ball, is packed with spectators. While supporting and chanting for their team, spectators frequently dance with the gymnasts while performing on the floor. The atmosphere in the arena constantly changes when the UCLA gymnasts take the floor.


The perfect marks this team has received throughout the years show that they work hard and take their profession seriously, even though they may appear to do this for the glittery leotards and lively music.

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2. Stanford University

Since it was founded as a private university in 1885, Stanford has always been among the top universities in the country. This university has one of the top gymnastics teams in the nation. They have received recognition for their efforts. The Stanford squad even employs a sports psychologist to ensure that all athletes may succeed both academically and athletically.

A group of Stanford faculty and staff established the Stanford Campus Recreation Association (SCRA) in 1962 to build community tennis and swimming courts and cultivate high sportsmanship standards among teachers and senior staff.  Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER), a part of the university and run by the athletics department, is a private club for members only.

Gymnasts of all skill levels can reach their goals at SCRA due to the collaboration of the athletes, coaches, and parents. Everyone involved in the program benefits from working together.


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3. University Of Florida

The University of Florida, founded in 1906, has excellent training and academic facilities to help its athletes. One of the best gymnastics teams in the country, the Gators, has won numerous national championships.

The university gymnastics facility has a new gymnastics apparatus, a new training room, video recorders, and a nutrition bar.  At the University of Florida, the gymnasts’ coaches assist them in juggling training and coursework.

To keep things light and prevent the mood from becoming stressful, they frequently offer new and entertaining routines. 80 percent of the team was recognized as Academic All-Americans in 2020. So whether it’s time to study or practice, the University of Florida gymnasts always know how to make it enjoyable and educational.

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4. Louisiana State University

LSU, a public university founded in 1860, is renowned for its outstanding athletic and academic programs.

Louisiana has participated in 17 of the last 18 NCAA championships and is still progressing in that direction.

The University of Louisiana received 30 All-America honours on bars under the direction of Jay Clark, one of the most incredible gymnastics instructors in history. In 2016, the gymnastics team moved into a brand-new training space. A sizable area for practice routines and a brand-new gym room, training room, and locker room are included in the 38,000-square-foot facility.

The University of Louisiana never settles for anything less than a victory because of its cutting-edge training facility and reliable coaching leadership.

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5. University Of Georgia

The Gymdogs have won ten national championship championships, five of which have been won in consecutive years, making them the most successful women’s gymnastics team in NCAA history (2005 to 2009).

Along with its 16 Southeastern Conference titles, it also has other titles. Along with its comprehensive scholarship program, the University of Georgia attracts the greatest gymnasts with its impressive winning streak.

Athletic scholarships are provided by the university’s Athletic Association and include tuition, housing, fees, board, and any necessary textbooks. Additionally, 12 full scholarships are available at any given time.

Since university, state, and federal funds cannot be used, the association pays the total cost of in-state and out-of-state tuition for qualified gymnasts. The money is obtained through private donations, ticket sales, and earnings from media and corporate partnerships.

Student-athletes can apply to more than 200 named scholarship endowments to fill in any funding gaps between their sports scholarships and the actual cost of school. There are standards and restrictions for stacking.


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6. University Of Michigan

Michigan is one of the top colleges in America and was founded in 1817 as a public institution. The Wolverines are renowned for their academic prowess and top-notch gymnastics squad.

The University of Michigan gymnastics team functions like a well-oiled machine and treats one another essentially like family. They practically live and breathe as a unit.

The coaches endeavour to assemble elite talent for the squad to function well and produce the best outcomes. The gymnasts themselves, as well as the instructors, concentrate on improving communication to work as a cohesive team.

The University of Michigan has some of the top facilities in the nation. They have the ideal tools and sufficient room for practice. Despite not having won their first NCAA title, Michigan’s 2020 team included 14 All-Americans, or 82% of their team, which will undoubtedly help them win their first championship.


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7. University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama has won six NCAA titles under head coach Dana Duckworth. As a first-year head coach, Duckworth became the first to guide a team to a championship win.

In 2012, the University of Alabama’s facilities had its most recent renovation, providing the team with a significantly larger practice field, training rooms, locker rooms, and hot and cold therapeutic pools to help with preparation and rehabilitation.

The University of Alabama’s arena can accommodate tens of thousands of cheering spectators and the training facility. The coaches at Alabama devote their time to both training and academics. This past season, 83% of the squad’s gymnasts were Academic All-Americans. They have undoubtedly worked hard since winning their previous championship in 2012 to return to their former glory.

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8. University Of Washington

The University of Washington ended with a higher team score than their average for the 2019 season. The University of Washington coaches emphasize having a supportive attitude toward teammates, which helps build a powerful and effective team.

Teammates believe that coaches and other players care more about one another than merely their teammates.

In only one prior instance in the history of their school, head coach Elise Ray-Statz guided the team to the Nationals two out of the four years.

The University of Washington gymnasts are highly concerned about their studies. They set a program record by having all 13 of their members be Academic All-Americans in the 2020 season, having the highest team GPA in their conference.

The gymnasts at the University of Washington know how to stay focused and convert their nerves into good energy to win it all, even with thousands of supporters cheering them on.


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Gymnastics is a very popular fun sport that has different benefits, and various colleges go into gymnastics, which can make it hard to choose the right school for you.

But we have narrowed down the list to make it easier to choose any school of your choice If you ever considered going into gymnastics. We hope the list of the best colleges for gymnastics will help you in choosing the right one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Collegiate Gymnastics Easier Than Elite?

Elite gymnastics is far more challenging, with longer routines containing more components. Although some of that is due to the nature of the competition season and the fact that the athletes are full-time students, college routines are shorter and “easier.”

Who Won The NCAA Gymnastics In 2022?



Oklahoma won the 2022 NCAA national gymnastics championship. In the last eight years, Oklahoma has won five national championships. It also won the title after placing fourth after the first rotation.

What Rank Is UCLA Gymnastics?

According to the coaches of the Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics Association’s preseason rankings, the 2022 UCLA Gymnastics team will start the season at position eight.  The defending NCAA champion, Michigan, is in first place with 2405 points and 37 first-place votes respectively.

What Skills Are Required For College Gymnastics?

Gymnasts must meet four requirements:

  • An acrobatic combination with two saltos
  • Three separate saltos throughout the routine
  • A dancing passage with at least two distinct leaps, jumps, or hops
  • And the last salto in the way must be at least a “C” grade saltos.




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