Best Dance Schools In Melbourne

You’ve definitely seen choreographers, teachers, educators, and dancers who have completely blown you away. They all have one thing in common: they all likely received their training at a dance school. If you want to learn how to dance just like them, you need to choose the best dance school. If you are looking for the best dance schools in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered.

Best Dance Schools In Melbourne

1. Charlesworth Walsh Dance Center

The Charlesworth Walsh Dance Center was established in 1964 and is one of the best dance schools in Melbourne that serves students of all ages, abilities, and talents. Numerous dance genres are taught at the Charlesworth Walsh Dance Center, with a focus on sound technique. Students are exposed to a passion for dancing that lasts a lifetime as they gain health, companionship, and pleasure.

In addition to all of this, their self-discipline and self-confidence improve, two qualities that are essential for leading a successful life. Numerous alumni have gone on to pursue jobs in dance instruction, theater, choreography, and television. The skilled team at Charlesworth Walsh provides instruction in three conveniently placed studios around Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, fostering a safe and caring atmosphere for its pupils.

The dance school is VCE-accredited to teach dance, which is becoming an increasingly popular option for its students. The outcomes have been outstanding. Students who continue with dance during their VCE years typically receive excellent ATAR results, allowing them to enroll in a variety of University degree programs.

2. Sheek Dance Studio

Sheek Dance Studio, located in the heart of Port Melbourne, has been in operation since 2010. For its younger students, the dance school offers Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Break Dancing, Classical Ballet, and Creative Dance. The dance school’s primary goal is to help students gain confidence, self-esteem, creativity, and dancing abilities.


Sheek Dance Studio thrives on being a part of the community and welcomes people of all levels in a non-competitive environment. Their teachers are actively working as professional dancers in the dance business and can share their expertise and experience with the students. They are committed and eager to share their love of dancing. Above all, the lessons are enjoyable and enjoyable.

3. Dance Dynamics

Katherine founded Dance Dynamics in 1998. Dance Dynamics is a fun and fitness-focused dance studio with four sites around Melbourne, Australia. The dance got your exercise and health requirements covered with over 200 classes outdoors and in the studio each week, plus 300 online across dance, dance it, and fitness.

The school’s 30-minute lessons are available six days a week. You may come in and out or complete a series of them back to back. Flexible schedules will accommodate your varied lifestyle. Adult lessons at Dance Dynamics are open to anybody aged 16 to 60, with or without dance or fitness experience. Learn, exercise, strengthen, tone, and feel wonderful in a relaxed setting.

4. Street Dance Studios

Street Dance Studios is a major hip-hop dance studio in Australia. They provide specialized lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. Since its inception in 2008, they have won several hip-hop contests and toured the world with its extremely dynamic and captivating presentations.

The elite team ‘Superhoodz’ runs Street Dance Studios. They provide hip-hop and breakdancing lessons for people of all ages. The school is a close-knit community in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, full of fun and smiles!


5. Dance World Studio

Dance World Studio has quickly established itself as a vital participant in the procurement of creative talent for a variety of ballet and dance companies, theater shows, and commercial events in Australia and throughout the world. The dance school’s graduate students are global ambassadors on stage and in film.

Dance World Studios is part of a larger business structure that includes Colors Events & Entertainment, APO Arts Academy, APO International Management, and Pop Embassy Production and Recordings. These businesses work together to manage and groom performers for the professional entertainment industry.

6.Clifton Dance Studio

Clifton Dance Studio provides a variety of lessons for students of all ages. Some dance forms provide a systematic approach that aids the young dancer’s education, while others are just fantastic for fitness, pleasure, and dancing. The advantages of good dance instruction are numerous; it instills a feeling of style, poise, grace, and strength. Developing musical ability, creative expression, and appreciation boosts self-esteem.

Their wide performing experience and understanding of tap, jazz, ballet, and musical theater equip the aspiring professional dancer with all the abilities required to become a working dancer. This same understanding may be highly beneficial to a beginner dancer or anyone who wants to have fun with dancing. The Clifton Dance Project is sensitive to the needs of individuals of all ages. Jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, and voice courses are available for children ages 3 to adult at the facility.

7. Risque Demeanor

Risque Demeanor is a pole studio in Yarraville, Melbourne’s inner west. The dance school believes that the pole has the capacity to alter everyone’s body and psyche at Risque Demeanor. All of its classes are designed to strengthen and condition the body in order for you to move through our levels.


Risque Demeanor is a community where teachers and customers feel welcomed, encouraged, and uplifted on a daily basis. Their bright, open, and the airy area is your home away from home, where you can escape the daily grind and make time for your own physical and emotional well-being. All fitness levels, from total beginners to expert pros, are welcome.

At Risque Demeanor, there are plenty of classes to choose from in three separate rooms! Courses and passes are transferable across all courses. Most of their classes are trick-based since their goal is to educate their students on how to defy gravity, be stronger, and regain confidence.

8. KiX Dance Studio

KiX Dance Studio is an experienced dance studio that accepts boys and girls of all ages (from 3 to adults) to study dancing and singing. KiX Dance Studio’s mission is to give quality dance education while instilling respect for the art form in a safe and supportive atmosphere. This dance school in Melbourne is dedicated to providing a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all of its children and parents while also making many new friends along the way.

KiX provides both group and individual ballet, jazz, and tap instruction. They also offer modern, hip-hop, acrobatics, musical theater, and singing courses. Because dancing is physically demanding, conditioning/strength work is included in all sessions; even the Little KiX class begins with an obstacle course warm-up. There are also private dancing classes offered.

9. Studio J

Studio J, founded in 2016, is an independent dance studio that brings together a wide range of Indian dance genres under one roof. Their extensive class schedule includes everything from Indian classical dance to Bollywood, folk, and current cross-cultural dance. Studio J honors the variety of Indian dance while still upholding its traditions.


The dance school instructors are South Asian artists from Melbourne who are highly trained and specialized in their respective art disciplines. By making Indian dance accessible, interesting, and relevant, they hope to share the passion and culture of Indian dance with a diverse audience.

Studio J offers traditional, semi-classical, modern, and cross-cultural Indian dance, with in-studio and online lessons available. They provide 8-week in-studio performance workshops that allow you to learn a dance routine and be featured in their professionally produced dance films. They also provide online lessons and dancing instruction on demand.

10. MarShere Dance Studios

Mark and Sheryl O’Donoghue founded MarShere in 1981 in a school hall in Burwood Heights, Melbourne. MarShere is the industry leader in Latin, Ballroom, New Vogue, and Street Latin dance genres! We have been in business for 30 years and have created a successful system where individuals of all ages may learn to dance in a pleasant and welcoming setting.

For over 30 years, MarShere Dance Studios has been developing its Awards Structure. The various degrees of Achievement Awards begin with Bronze and progress to Silver Bar, with Gold Performance Awards going all the way up to Supreme Performance Awards. These Awards were intended to recognize students’ work and “Achievement” in learning these exercises during the term!

These Achievement Awards are available for all four genres taught at MarShere Dance Studios: Latin, Street Latin, Modern, and New Vogue. Each style is a “thread” that you may pursue to complete Achievement Awards in the system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Learn To Dance At 30?

You may start dancing at any age as long as you have the necessary equipment. Learning to dance is also good for your mind and body. So, no matter your age, you’ll get the advantages of a good dosage of activity every day.

Why Is Dancing So Hard?

Dancing is both totally natural and highly complicated: simple routines require the capacity to comprehend music, grasp rhythm and have a solid sense of coordination.

What Age Is Too Late To Learn Dance?

Learning to dance has no “cut-off” age. Some people begin learning to dance as babies. Others put off learning to dance until they are well into their 90s. Dancing at any age is a terrific way to learn a new skill, keep active, and have fun!




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