Best Public Schools In Adelaide

Adelaide is the fifth-largest city in Australia. The schools in Adelaide are top-notch, making it a great destination to live and study. Adelaide has both public and private schools that offer primary and secondary education to pupils. These institutions cater to various pupils and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below we have listed the best public schools in Adelaide.

Best Public Schools In Adelaide

Glenunga International High School

Glenunga International High School is one of the best public schools in Adelaide. Wendy Johnson is the school’s current head of school. In South Australia, Glenunga is the only publicly financed high school that now offers the IB Diploma Program. It is a very multicultural school with students from 76 different countries of origin and incoming international exchanges. The largest secondary school in the public system in South Australia is there.

There are several extracurricular organizations at Glenunga International High School, all of them are administered by students. These consist of numerous athletic teams, special interest clubs, and community service organizations. Glenunga features more than 50 student-run organizations, including, among others, ones for literature, musical theater, debate, chess, science, and raspberry pi.

Any student at Glenunga International High School has the chance to affect change within the school community thanks to the school’s robust student leadership approach. This comprises the Learner, International Mindedness, and Wellbeing Councils, student-driven organizations with various other tasks in addition to event coordination.

2. Marryatville High School

Marryatville High School is recognized as one of the best public high schools. It has produced many scholars. This school offers a broad curriculum in a setting that encourages academic performance and helps every student realize their potential.


Marryatville High School enjoys great community support thanks to a variety of business connections and collaborations. To ensure that the school has a clear strategic emphasis on teaching and learning, members of the governing council collaborate closely with faculty, staff, and students.

The student representative council (SRC) makes sure that the opinions of students are taken into consideration when making decisions. Marryatville High School graduates depart with knowledge of the importance of lifelong learning and the qualities needed to be responsible members of society.

3. Mitcham Girls High School

Mitcham Girls High School, established in 1964, is one of two public girls’ schools in South Australia, offering a diverse range of studies and extracurricular activities to inspire excellence in students at all levels. The school has a strong academic concentration and a very proud history of academic accomplishment, and it is consistently ranked among the top 10 public high schools in Adelaide. The school is a part of the Australasian Alliance of Girls’ Schools. Teams from the school have routinely competed in the World Solar Challenge since 1993.

4. Adelaide Botanic High School

Adelaide Botanic High School is a public secondary school located on Adelaide’s Frome Road. The school’s campus is next to the Adelaide Botanic Garden and the former site of the Royal Adelaide Hospital and is partially built from the structure of the University of South Australia’s Reid Building. Adelaide Botanic High School has a cohesive learning environment that encourages student and staff welfare, safety, and positive connections for everyone to achieve their full potential.

The Adelaide Botanic High School Connect and Studio One programs promote a true sense of community and belonging by aligning with the Adelaide Botanic High School Wellbeing Framework and nurturing self-directed learning, student wellbeing, and learner resilience while also addressing the Department of Education Learner Wellbeing Framework and mandated programs such as Bullying and Harassment, Child Protection, Protective Practices, and Cyber Safety.


5. Adelaide High School

Adelaide High School, established in 1908, was South Australia’s first public high school, teaching around 1500 students in Years 8 to 12. Today, Adelaide High Institution is regarded as a successful and creative school, educating generations of students and making significant contributions to the development of local, national, and global communities.

All incoming students at Adelaide High School will form lifelong friendships and acquire the individual and collaborative abilities necessary to thrive in school and life.

The public school is happy to provide students with a varied choice of academic and co-curricular possibilities, as well as support mentor group programs. All learning possibilities at Adelaide High School are guided by the school motto, ‘non scholae sed vitae,’ and are aimed at preparing pupils to face an uncertain and unpredictable future. The school curriculum, co-curricular program, and House structure challenge engage, enlighten, support, and stretch all Adelaide High students.

6. Linden Park Primary School

Linden Park Primary School is an international learning community that provides children in Reception to Year 6 with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) as well as the Australian Curriculum. It is a school of choice focused on 21st-century learning and delivering quality. Linden Park boasts 960 foreign students from 70 different countries and 90 staff members that are diverse and welcoming.

The school’s academic and co-curricular achievements continue to inspire exceptional demand from internationally and throughout Australia. In years Reception to Year 6, your child’s learning curriculum at Linden Park Primary School is based on the unique mixing and strengthening of two curricula: the Australian Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate (IB).


Linden Park Primary School is honored to be a World School and to be recognized with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).

7. Rose Park Primary School

Rose Park Primary School, established in 1893, is one of South Australia’s original primary schools and one of the best public schools in Adelaide. The school, located in Rose Garden in Adelaide’s inner suburbs, offers pupils a safe and appealing living and learning environment. It is a well-known and popular school with exceptional results.

Rose Park Primary School is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program school with a distinct aim for international education. Through open-mindedness and respect, the school hopes to cultivate enquiring, informed, and caring young people who will contribute to the creation of a better and more peaceful world. The pupils are encouraged to become lifelong learners who are active, sensitive, and compassionate.

8. Glen Osmond Primary School

Glen Osmond Primary School is a primary school in Adelaide’s southern suburbs for boys and girls in grades P-7. This is likewise a good public school in Adelaide, providing high-quality teaching and learning while cultivating students who enjoy learning, respect others, and take responsibility.

At Glen Osmond, quality teaching and learning include establishing a comprehensive curriculum that reflects a grasp of the changing nature of young people as learners, as well as the difficulties and demands that will influence learning in the future. The overarching educational aims of the school include assisting students in becoming effective learners, confident individuals, and active and educated citizens. The Australian Curriculum directs teaching and learning initiatives in Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is School Free In South Australia?

Although private schools get government support, public education is free, and parents typically have to pay additional fees to send their children to school. Children must be registered in school by the time they are six in South Australia.

Is Adelaide Good For International Students?

Adelaide is an excellent city for foreign students since it provides several chances. The city’s structure allows you to spend less time commuting and more time enjoying life. And, with a cheaper cost of living than other Australian capital cities, you have more money to enjoy it.

Is Adelaide A Beautiful City?

Once you have visited Adelaide, it is easy to see why it is frequently referred to as Australia’s most undervalued and beautiful city. It is a center for culture, with wonderful restaurants, a number of museums and art galleries, and breathtaking views wherever you turn.

Is Adelaide’s Education Good?

Adelaide provides top-notch study opportunities for all phases of your educational career. In comparison to other countries’ educational systems, Australia’s education system is well regarded and performs far above average. Adelaide will provide you with a top-notch education and prepare you for success in the future.

Is Education In South Australia Good?

A top-notch education system in South Australia supports outstanding schools, three significant teaching institutions, and a network of training organizations to help your and your family’s further education.


How Long Is A School Day In Australia?

Every week, students attend school from Monday through Friday. Many schools also require their students to participate in team activities on Saturday mornings. The typical school day in Australia lasts from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. However, there are some minor regional variations.

How Is Student Life In Adelaide?

Adelaide is one of the best places to live and study. Due to its small size, you may spend more time resting or exploring the various sights just outside Adelaide instead of spending time on the road. Compared to other major Australian cities, living in Adelaide may be up to 14% more inexpensive, and the median rent in Adelaide is the lowest in the nation.




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