Best Swimming Colleges

One of the best exercises for cardiovascular health is swimming. How can you choose the best swimming colleges that are ideal for you? It can get confusing after doing your homework, speaking with coaches, going on official visits, and receiving offers to join teams.

Not to worry, we have created a list of the best swimming Colleges which provide outstanding swimming programs for both men and women to build a successful future. Some of these schools even provide scholarships to deserving student-athletes.

These colleges will assist you in achieving your objectives, regardless of whether you are just starting or trying to master an expert stroke. Browse our entire list to get the necessary details about these schools, and select the best that meets your needs.

Best Swimming Colleges

  • University Of Birmingham
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech
  • University of Pretoria
  • Loughborough University
  • University of California-Berkeley, California
  • University of Sterling

1. University Of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham was established in 1900 in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. It offers a swimming program for capable athletes and for individuals who are willing to learn. There are swimming possibilities for everyone, from recreational swimming to high-performance training.

The University of Birmingham Swimming Club is an all-inclusive club that accommodates both beginners and international competitors. The school has four teams with set practice times, and each squad has a full coaching staff to help develop swimmers at every level from club to British Championship.


All workouts are conducted in the 50-meter pool at the University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness. With a swimming membership, you can use the 50-meter pool, a hub of activity for enhancing everyone’s health, fitness, and swimming skills. Additionally, you can utilize the sauna and steam room as part of your membership to unwind before or after a swim.

The University provides the chance to practice and compete in a thriving environment while completing your degree. The school is among the top eight swimming universities in the British Universities Competition (BUCS).

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2. University Of Edinburgh

The school is founded in Edinburgh, Scotland. And the swimming program was founded in 2008, and since then, it has become one of the top swimming programs in the UK and Scotland.

The University of Edinburgh Swimming Program takes pleasure in turning promising swimmers with a good mindset into high-performance athletes. The school targets serious athletes who can compete on a national and international level.


The school also provides student-athletes with top-notch training facilities and assistance in exchange for commitment and diligence, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

The school has produced Olympic, Paralympic, European, and Commonwealth medal winners in the renowned performance swimming program. They are frequently placed in prestigious contests in Scotland, Europe, and beyond.

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3. Georgia Institute Of Technology, Georgia Tech

The Georgia Tech campus includes the Campus Recreation Center, the  Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, and Georgia Tech Student Athletic Center are other names for it. The Student Athletic Center, or SAC, was Georgia Tech’s first sports complex when it first opened in its current location in 1977.

Georgia Tech Swimming and Diving has improved numerous young men’s and women’s college experiences because it gives them a chance to follow their sporting talents while earning degrees from this outstanding University. They are thrilled with the expansion of GT Swimming and Diving over the past few years and anticipate a bright future.


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4. University Of Pretoria

University of Pretoria is one of the best African institutions and the most prominent university in South Africa. It was established in Hatfield, South Africa, in 1908.

TuksSwimming is the name of the swimming program at the institution. By signing up with the team, you have joined one of the most prestigious and expertly coached swimming programs in Africa and South Africa.

Swimmers are exposed to an environment that values effort, commitment, and fun. The school makes It important to instruct and expose each swimmer to life lessons that will prepare them for success in the sport and in general.

At Pretoria University, students will learn a lot about swimming. Additionally, you will make wonderful friends and acquaintances for life.


Swimmers are expected to give their all, discuss with their coaches, and benefit from the program’s many years of coaching experience.

Because each swimmer has an outstanding talent, they will all benefit differently from their time swimming at TuksSwimming. Members of the club are encouraged to practice and compete to the best of their abilities.

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5. Loughborough University

Loughborough Institution is a public research university founded in 1909 as a technical institute before becoming a university in 1966 in the English town of Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Loughborough Swimming is among the best swimming programs in the world, with a reputation for fast swimming. Loughborough University offers a unique environment where students can achieve athletic and academic achievements.


In the UK, Loughborough Swimming is the top senior program. The school accommodates swimmers of all skill levels, including club-level swimmers, Olympians, and World Championship medalists.

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6. University Of California-Berkeley, California

UC Berkeley has the ideal class for you whether you are learning to swim or want to improve on already learned strokes. The school Rec Sports program offers its members access to four open recreational swimming facilities.

Open Recreation Swimming and the Cal Aquatic Master’s Curriculum are part of the Rec Sports Aquatics program. The Cal Aquatic Masters swim team is a U.S. Masters Swimming-registered club. All adult swimmers committed to enhancing their fitness via swimming are eligible for the program.

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7. University Of Sterling

In 1967, the University of Stirling was established as a public university by royal charter in Stirling, Scotland, and constructed inside the fortified Airthrey Castle estate in Scotland’s Central Belt.

The school runs a high-performance program out of the National Swimming Academy and is pleased to promote performance swimming in Scotland.

The University has different facilities to aid its swimming program; they include; a six-lane, 50-meter swimming pool that can be divided into two 25-meter pools, a prep room for high performance, cutting-edge sports science labs, and strength and conditioning rooms.

The University is also spending £20 million to renovate its sports facilities, including a brand-new, ultra-modern, high-performance strength and conditioning facility immediately connected to the pool.

Along with your education, the performance swimming program offers top-notch coaching, competition, training, and financial support. High-performance coaches, first-rate facilities, and unmatched support services are all available at Stirling.


Olympic, Paralympic, World, European, and Commonwealth medal winners like Duncan Scott, Aimee Willmott, Robbie Renwick, Danielle Huskisson, Ross Murdoch, and Kathleen Dawson have all benefited from the school’s long-running performance swimming program.

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8. University of Stanford

To build community swimming courts and cultivate high sportsmanship standards among teachers and senior staff, a group of Stanford faculty and staff established the Stanford Campus Recreation Association (SCRA) in 1962.

Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER), is part of the University and it’s run by the athletics department. It is a private club for members only. This program enables swimmers of all skill levels to reach their goals due to the collaboration of the athletes, coaches, and parents. Everyone involved in the program benefits from working together.

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It might be rewarding to attend these best swimming colleges. Just make sure you choose wisely, taking into account all of your possibilities.

This list of the top swimming schools will assist you in making an informed decision on where to further your swimming education. We hope this post is helpful to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Swimmers Get Full Scholarships?

Some top swimmers still receive full scholarships each year in D1 men’s swimming even though scholarships are distributed to athletes in different ways. This indicates that many talented swimmers are competing for a small number of D1 opportunities.

Which Body Type Is Ideal For Swimming?

Swimmers who spend much time in the water have broad shoulders, well-defined abs, lats, and triceps. The top swimmers also stand out for their above-average height, long torsos, and upper limbs. Many of these qualities can be attained with a concentrated and committed swim routine.

Are Swimming Scholarships Hard To Get?

There is a 7.0% probability of receiving a scholarship if you can swim. Five hundred institutions provide swimming programs, 143 of which are NCAA Division 1 and are awarded 9.9 scholarships per team. 58 NCAA DII teams are providing 8.1 scholarships with each. However, about 200 NCAA DIII teams don’t offer any financial aid for athletes.





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