Best Track And Field Colleges

One of the most popular sports in the world is collegiate track and field.

Additionally, every renowned and esteemed college seeks out well-rounded athletes that exhibit exceptional academic achievement in addition to representing the college in sports.

Therefore, speed, distance, and height are crucial in college track recruiting. These Colleges offer the best track and field program and some do offer scholarships at the NCAA D1 and D2 stages which makes it a fantastic chance for any student-athlete to continue their studies while competing at the top collegiate levels.

As a result, we have provided you with a list of the best track and field colleges you can choose from. Continue reading to learn about them!

Best Track And Field Colleges

  • The University of California, Los Angeles- UCLA
  • University of East London
  • Stanford University
  • University of Florida
  • Texas A&M University
  • The University of Texas at Austin
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Notre Dame

1. The University of California, Los Angeles- UCLA

One of the top public universities in North America is the home of the Bruins. In addition to being a leading research university, UCLA has won the most NCAA team championships of any university.


The school participates in Division I of the PAC-12 Conference. One of the most competitive conferences in the world, it features Stanford, Oregon, and the University of Southern California. The track and field team from UCLA has won over 12 national championships.

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2. University Of East London

This University is a public school founded in 1898 and located in the London Borough of Newham, London, England. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and some of the top competitors from the UK and internationally are drawn to the UEL athletics program.

The University of East London is a top 10 UK track and field university with a strong tradition in sprint and hurdle events. UEL came out fifth in the indoor championships at the British University Championships (BUCS) in 2019.

Athletes can train with their preferred coach and receive some of the greatest athlete care in the nation due to the program’s extensive support system while they are enrolled in classes.


Alumni include Team GB 200-meter sprinter and two-time Olympian Adam Gemilli, who has proudly worn the UEL uniform while maintaining a high level of athletic and academic achievement.

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3. Stanford University

Since the NCAA started holding Track and Field (outdoor) competitions in 1921, the Stanford Cardinals have won the national championship eight times. On the plus side, Stanford is renowned for the calibre of its competitions, notably the Stanford Invitational.

Despite being a part of the NCAA, it helps Olympic runners improve their performances. As a result, Stanford is among the top universities to attend if you want to improve your athletic abilities.

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4. University Of Florida

The women’s track team for the Gators has won five SEC outdoor and six SEC indoor championships. That alone should motivate you to join the team and pursue a quality college education and an athletic program.

Track scholarships are available at the University of Florida by NCAA Division I guidelines. The University Athletic Association, Inc. (UAA), a nonprofit organization, manages the intercollegiate athletic programs and the scholarship program.

The institution’s athletic director must report directly to the university president about the necessary finance needed to facilitate the school track and field program. However, neither university revenues nor state or federal funding supports the program. Instead, the school gets its funding from UAA’s ticket sales, media deals, and corporate sponsorships.

Through the athletic department’s fundraising organization, the Gator Boosters is also supported by individual donations.

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5. Texas A&M University

Athletes from Texas A&M University go by the nickname “Aggie”. The university has participated in the famous SEC conference many times. Conversely, Coach Henry has elevated the track and field program’s national profile.

The coach left LSU to coach the men’s and women’s track teams at Texas and then transferred there. They won the 2009, 2010, and 2011 NCAA outdoor championships. This school is also seen as one of the best track and field colleges.

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6. The University Of Texas At Austin

The accomplishments of the Longhorns women’s track and field team frighten less talented athletes in the school; the program has won 11 NCAA titles in indoor and outdoor competitions and the Women’s Cross-Country Championship.

Several Olympians, including Michelle Carter, Sanya Richard-Ross, and Moushami Robinson, started at the University of Texas. Athletic scholarships are typically offered to Longhorns athletes and are managed by the athletics department. The school athletics department does not seek to rely on the disbursement of public monies for its athletic sponsorship.


The majority of the funds for the athletic program, and scholarships come from ticket sales, individual donations, and media partnerships.

In the case of a scholarship, according to the terms of each student-scholarship athlete’s agreement, the money will be used to pay the associated expenses.

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7. Louisiana State University

The school Tigers and Lady Tigers have had a strong history of success since the NCAA was founded. They have experienced both happy and unhappy days. It cannot be denied that Louisiana State University boasts one of the top track and field programs in the country.

For instance, the university has won over 14 national titles in women’s outdoor competitions, 11 consecutive. The men’s team, in contrast, is ferociously combative. It has won only 4 championships, despite having numerous opportunities to do so.


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8. University Of Notre Dame

The university works hard to give its student-athletes a top-notch intercollegiate athletics experience. This involves granting access to athletic scholarships to student-athletes. The primary focus of the University of Notre Dame is the distribution of scholarships in each of its 26 varsity sports to encourage its students.

Members of the Fighting Irish women’s track and field team have participated in various athletics and won different titles, In return, the school pays all or a portion of the costs associated with attending, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, accommodation and board, personal expenses, and transportation.

All of these expenses will be covered by a full track and field scholarship. However, this is unique. The athletic department must distribute the scholarships to benefit the team. The athletic aid is immediately credited to the student account of the concerned student-athlete so that the money can be used for the approved expenses, like tuition, fees, and room and board.

The school track and field program is tagged as one of the best due to these athletic aids encouraging athletes to work more on their skills. The school also provides a monthly meal and housing stipend to student-athletes who are given full scholarships from September through May of the academic year.  You can consider this if you are looking for the best track and field colleges.


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Finally, these are just some track and field colleges available to athletes. There is no doubt that thousands of colleges and schools strive to have top athletes. Top Tracking and field programs are also offered by these colleges already mentioned.

Additionally, we advise looking through the official websites of these schools and getting in touch with the relevant person for the most recent and pertinent information that can aid in your search for the best track and field program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The NCAA?

Men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletics are generally governed and administered by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, a member-driven organization. Above all, it establishes the requirements for athletes’ eligibility and creates and upholds the regulations of numerous sports.

What Is A Good GPA For An Athlete?

The minimum GPA required varies by athletic association and division, but it typically hovers around 2.0. To continue being eligible for athletic competition, NAIA student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA. The minimum GPA requirement for the school and the student-year athletes affects NCAA GPA standards.


Is It Easy To Get A Track And Field Scholarship?

It might be challenging to find scholarships if you are at the Junior College Field Event level because many organizations at this level need to be funded or have limitations on how they can utilize their funding. You must inquire with each program and coach about available opportunities.

What Are The Chances Of Getting A Track And Field Scholarship?

The value of a standard track and field scholarship varies by college, NCIA or NCAA division, and limit, and is typically a one-year commitment that is renewable every year. Only 6% of high school track athletes participate in college competitions, and only 1% are lucky to get any financial aid.




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