Best Wrestling Colleges

If wrestling is your sport if you excel at it, and if you want to compete at the college level, you must attend a highly regarded university that boasts the best wrestlers and coaches.

Any aspiring talent must attend a wrestling school to learn the craft in a secure and controlled setting. This lowers the risk of injury and allows students to hone their skills in the ring.

One of the most crucial decisions a young wrestler can make is where to attend school. In this article, we’ll discuss a list of the best wrestling colleges. To learn more about them, keep reading.

Best Wrestling Colleges

  • University of Wisconsin
  • Can-Am Wrestling School
  • University of Iowa
  • Waseda University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Funking Conservatory Wrestling School
  • University of Illinois
  • Ring Of Honor Wrestling School
  • Cornell University
  • University of Minnesota

1. University of Wisconsin

The Office of Academic Services will provide top-notch academic support and direction for student-athletes achievement. Its goal is to give student-athletes the best chance possible for academic success by creating a stimulating environment. The staff collaborate with coaches, academics, and administrators to provide student-athletes with the most outstanding collegiate experience possible.

The goal of the wrestling club is to give wrestlers a chance to continue competing after college. Beginners are also encouraged to join the team and play; The “Wisconsin Strength and Conditioning Internship” program aims to give students a chance to work with Division I student-athletes while also allowing them to gain practical experience that will help them launch a great career as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach.


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2. Can-Am Wrestling School

Scott D’Amore is the administrator of this school, it is situated in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, just outside of Detroit, Michigan. D’Amore is best known for managing Team Canada in the TNA and serving as a road agent for the business.

The Motor City Machine Guns, Petey Williams, and former TNA Champion Rhino are a few wrestlers who have graduated from this institution. The institution was highlighted in a “Made” program on MTV.

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3. University of Iowa

One of the most outstanding athletic programs in NCAA Division I is the wrestling team of the University of Iowa, according to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. With 23 national championships, all won since 1975, Iowa is second in NCAA history.


The University of Iowa’s wrestling program started in 1911 when EG Schroeder, the program’s first head coach, led the team in a match against Nebraska. The University of Iowa’s award-winning facility, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, houses the offices for the wrestling department’s personnel on the administrative wing’s second level.

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4. Waseda University

Western-style wrestling in Japan is credited to have originated at Waseda University. Many wrestlers in friendly competition at Waseda, both in Japan and worldwide, have enrolled in the school.

Ken Hosaka, a Waseda University wrestling team member, won the gold medal in the freestyle 70 kg weight division at the All Japan Intercollegiate Wrestling Championship hence referred to as the “Intercollegiate Championship”.

In addition to winning gold in the 53 kg weight division at the Intercollegiate Championships, women’s captain Arisa Tanaka also took home bronze at the World University Wrestling Championship.


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5. University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma’s athletic department creates an atmosphere where student-athletes can reach their best academic, athletic, and personal goals, inspiring champions today and fostering future leaders.

The coaches and support staff urge student-athletes to balance their academics, athletics, and social life in college. OU students get the opportunity to work with the top NCAA programs in the country and gain practical experience.

The sporting team representing the Norman-based University of Oklahoma is known as the Oklahoma Sooners. The 19 varsity teams, known as the “Sooners,” were the first to let non-native settlers on the Unassigned Lands in the state of Oklahoma.

With seven national titles won in 1936, 1951, 1952, 1957, 1960, 1963, and 1974, the Sooner wrestling program founded in 1920 is the fourth most successful college wrestling history.


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6. Funking Conservatory Wrestling School

Dory Funk Jr., a former NWA World Champion, is the institution’s administrator, it is situated in Ocala, Florida. Wrestlers have used it during their training, including Kurt Angle, Edge, Lita, Mickie James, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Ted DiBiase.

Along with Giant Baba, Antonio Inoki, and Ric Flair, the Dory Funk Method of Pro Wrestling is recognized as benefiting Johnny Ace, the current head of talent relations for the WWE.

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7. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics Sports Medicine Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge healthcare and wellness services created to safeguard and improve student-athlete well-being.


The Fighting Illini wrestling program exemplifies consistency in collegiate wrestling from its first season in 1910 until Isaiah Martinez’s won NCAA championships. While competing in the most challenging conference in the country, the Big Ten and the Illini have won the second-most Big Ten team titles (17) and the fourth-most Big Ten individual championships (77) during their 108-year history.

Heffernan has led the team to two top-10 performances at NCAA Championships, 8 Big Ten titles, 17 All-American awards, and 4 NCAA titles since taking over as head coach in 2009. The Sports Medicine team and doctors are dedicated to offering medical care in a professional, customer-focused setting where the student-athletes well-being is of first concern.

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8. Ring Of Honor Wrestling School

Ring Of Honor  I’d located in Jacksonville, Florida. It is one of the few schools that produce real in-ring wrestling of the highest calibre, and studying to wrestle for the business is your chance to reach that level as quickly as possible.

The company Ring Of Honor has a strong reputation for being a terrific school to practice your skills, even if it isn’t the cheapest, and has produced some of the top wrestlers in the world over the years.


One of the additional vital advantages of training with Ring of Honor is that the organization frequently offers local talent the chance to work on their events, giving them visibility unmatched by many other educational institutions.

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9. Cornell University

Located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell University is represented by the Cornell Big Red wrestling team. A victory streak of 83 straight Ivy League dual matches is still intact for the club.

The Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association championship has been won by Cornell 25 times, including 11 consecutive victories from 2007 to 2017. For their respective classes, these streaks remain the longest in wrestling history.

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10. University of Minnesota

In 1910, wrestling made its debut at the University of Minnesota. A Division I college wrestling team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are a part of the NCAA and the Big Ten Conference. Wrest club practices aim to teach and develop members’ wrestling abilities in a positive and enjoyable environment.

Anyone joining the university’s wrestling club can learn new wrestling techniques and refine ones they already know. Additionally, they instruct university students on the rules, safety, and culture of appropriate wrestling techniques. Additionally, they train individuals to coach wrestling while enrolled at the University of Minnesota or after.

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In summary, If you are a student struggling with which school to go to for your wrestling skills, it’s straightforward to choose from our list of the best wrestling colleges. The above-listed schools will help train and boost your wrestling skills.

Wrestling as a sport is perfect for self-development; apart from money-making purposes, it can help in the following areas:


  • Wrestling aids with self-control and discipline.
  • You may grow and develop yourself through wrestling.
  • The entire body is strengthened through wrestling.
  • Social and communication abilities are improved through wrestling.

We hope you find this helpful post!

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Hard To Get Wrestling Scholarships?

It’s challenging to get wrestling scholarships from NCAA Division 1 wrestling programs. The maximum number of scholarships coaches may award each year is 9.9, often distributed as half scholarships.

What Qualities Do Wrestling Coaches Seek?

Understand the criteria that coaches use. In general, wrestlers with strong technical skills and the ability to grow on them are sought after by coaches.  Many coaches look for improvement over time and steadily improve performance.

How Many Scholarships Does D1 Wrestling Get?

The NCAA enables each college wrestling team in division I to provide 9.9 scholarships, and division II programs can offer 9. Wrestlers can receive financial help from 38 division II universities and 85 division I schools. The NCAA currently offers 1,183.5 wrestling scholarships.

What Percent Of High School Wrestlers Go To D1?

1 percent.


One percent of college wrestlers go on to participate at the Division 1 level, according to the NCAA. These student-athletes are simply the best at their school; they are also among the top 100 wrestlers in the nation.




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