How To Apply For Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2023

Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2022/2023

Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2022/2023-The Public Service Commission (PSC) is open to receive applications for the Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program for the 2022/2023 academic session.

The Postdoctoral Research Program (PRP) is an international and horizontal program, which grants exceptional new scientists from both Canada and other parts of the world access to unique world-class facilities across Canada.

This program also provides candidates the opportunity to work alongside multi-disciplinary teams of world-class researchers and technicians on that are of critical importance to Canada.

The program is meant for candidates who have graduated within the three years with a doctoral degree in a field of natural sciences.

Applicants who were not able to apply during the 3-year period, as a result of a significant career interruption or delay maybe given special consideration. If you are in this category and it affects your eligibility to the program, I advise you contact the PRP Mailbox ([email protected]).


The only way applications will be accepted is if the applying candidates are currently enrolled in a doctoral program at a prestigious post-secondary institution. Yet, candidates must meet the education requirements if they want to be appointed to a position.

International applicants with foreign credentials that they obtained outside of Canada must provide proof of Canadian equivalency.

About the Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2022/2023

Natural Resources Canada has join hands with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada & Public Health Agency of Canada and is in search for new graduates in a field of natural sciences to join the Postdoctoral Research Program.

The Postdoctoral Research Program offer scientists, who have newly obtained a doctoral degree in a field of natural sciences, with the opportunity to work with research groups or leaders in Canadian government laboratories and research institutions located across Canada. As a result of this, the Government of Canada can benefits from these new talents.

Federal research scientists also take part in the strategic decisions, policies, regulations and programs by providing a exceptional scientific knowledge base o their research. Research scientists perform their work in accordance to the departmental mandates in order to get specified results and to interpret, identify, formulate and set in motion new outcomes in delivering programs, meeting the coming needs of the department. The Government of Canada will provide funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants, both for Canadian/permanent resident candidates and international candidates, who will in every good way contribute to the country’s economic, social, and research-based growth.


If you submit your application to this program and your application is in line with the eligibility requirements, you will be added to an inventory which is only accessible by departments and agencies taking part in the Postdoctoral Research Program.

Accepted candidates will be hired as term Scientific Research (SE-RES) employees.

Scholarship Type

This is a Fully Funded Scholarship

Value of Scholarship

  • The salary levels for Scientific Researchers (SE-RES) are based on position.
  • For this reason, the position’s level will be based on the successful candidate’s qualifications and accomplishments.
  • Since the PRP is for early-career researchers, starting salaries usually range from$58,563 to $113,877

Available Courses

Under this scholarship program, the following courses are available to study under.

  • All Courses

Scholarship Benefits:

Eligible candidates are included in an inventory that is accessible to hiring managers from participating federal organizations.


Eligible Countries

All Nationalities

Requirements for Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program Qualification

For applicants to be eligible for Government of Canada Postdoctoral Research Scholarship, they are required to meet the following conditions;

  • Candidates must be either national or international students
  • Candidates must be admitted into PhD degree program.
  • All applying candidates must have obtained a doctoral degree (PhD) within the last three (3) years from a prestigious post-secondary institution in a field of natural sciences with a specialization that relates to the duties of the position.
  • Currently enrolled in a doctoral program at a recognized post-secondary institution, however, candidates must have completed their degree if they will be appointed to a position.
  • Applicants must have experience in planning and conducting research.
  • Applicants must have experience in working with a team of researchers and support staff.
  • Applicants must have experience resulting in a notable achievement in the form of authorship and editorship of published or unpublished reports, books, papers, peer-reviewed scientific journals, or other communications. This experience must have been acquired through one of the following means:
  • It is required that applicants have good knowledge in research, experimental development, or tasking associated with operational equipment and problems
  • Applicants be good at operational research and scientific analysis
  • Applicants must be good at planning, analysis, and evaluation of Canadian and foreign programs in research and development.
  • Developmental work leading to the issue of patents, copyrights, or the creation of improved varieties, functions, or designs, and/or recognition by the professional community of the research environment.

Application Deadline

Not Specified

How To Apply For Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2022/2023

Now, while sending in your applications, have in mind that you will be required to upload your resumé/CV.

Below are some additional optional documents that can be uploaded:


  • Cover letter
  • Academic diplomas
  • Official language results
  • Certifications
  • Foreign education credentials assessments
  • References

It is very necessary that you have your documents prepared and accessible before you begin completing the application. This will help you avoid any possible interruptions or problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get PR after postdoc in Canada?

For those that wish to stay and live in Canada permanently, the work experience you have acquired as a postdoc can count as an added advantage for you in getting a permanent residency application through either the Canada Experience Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Worker Programs (FSWP).

Does postdoc count as a job offer Canada?

Yes. Postdoc salaries are considered to be taxable employment income by the federal government of Canada. Provincial treatment of taxes may vary – please contact your local Postdoctoral Association – but generally also apply.

How much a postdoc earns in Canada?

The average salary postdoctoral earn in Canada is $50,000 for a year or $25.64 for an hour. While Entry-level positions begins from $45,000 for a year, and most experienced workers can earn up to $65,300 for a year.

Who is eligible for postdoc?

For a candidate to be eligible, the candidate is required to have a doctorate degree in the importance subjects preferably with published research work to their credit. In the case of general/open category, 55% marks at UG level and 60% of marks at PG level. While For reserved categories (SC/ST/OBC/PH) candidates, 50% at UG level and 55% at PG level.


Final Note

If you are a recent Ph.D. graduate and you are in need of funding to pursue postdoctoral studies in Canada, then you may be eligible for the Government Of Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2022/2023 available to postdoctoral students in Canada.

This scholarship is meant to provide significant financial support to cover the costs of your postdoctoral studies, such as tuition, living expenses, and research costs. So if you meet the eligibility requirements, I strongly urge you to apply now.

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