How To Apply For Canada Investor Visa

How to Apply For Canada Investor Visa

How To Apply For Canada Investor Visa – Most people ask if Canada has investor visa. Well yes, although the answer is yes but this particular visa is not called “investor visa”. Canada happens to have programs designed to help business immigrants come into the country and established and grow their business.

All of these programs are mostly entrepreneurship programs and they permit people that want to buy businesses or invest in a Canadian business or own businesses in Canada giving them the ability to get a permanent residency in return.

Canada is a very unique country and it always open to immigrants that will positively add to the growth and development of the country’s economy. So know that as an entrepreneur or a business owner Canada is open for you with welcoming hands as there are some programs you will be eligible to get.

Over 100 immigration programs in Canada but not all these programs are better for business owners or entrepreneurs, so our work here is to show you and walk you through some of the programs specifically for you as a foreign investor or entrepreneur that wants to relocate to Canada and how to apply for Canadian investor visas.

The part you will have to play is to follow this article to the end so that you will clearly understand it and not miss out on any information as all the details in this article is important.


Without any further ado, let’s proceed into what we have…

Business Immigration to Canada

Business immigration to Canada can be said to be the process of moving to Canada or immigrating to Canada for the sole aim of starting up, buying or investing in a business in Canada and if you also have it in mind of owning a business in Canada, you definitely have to immigrate or move to Canada.

Business immigration come in different forms in Canada and all of this depends on the type of business you have or want to establish in Canada. Canada happens to have some immigration programs which are made available to assist business owners, entrepreneurs and investors immigrate to Canada and we will be looking at some of this programs which are made available for you.

·     Starting a New Business

Canada is always there and ready for people who are ready to bring businesses that will greatly add to the growth of the country’s economy. So if have in mind a business you want to establish a business in Canada, you will have to know that there are also a number of programs that you can go through and these programs are mainly funded by the Canadian government to assist the entrepreneurs start up their businesses successfully.

In Canada there are criteria and rules in starting up a business and this is depends on the province or territory you wish to set up your business but the main thing that is for sure is that your business must be able to create permanent employment for a minimum of one Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada.


  • Buying An Existing Business In Canada

Here one can decide to buy an existing business already operating in Canada but note there are certain rules that you must follow for you to purchase the business and more so become a permanent resident in Canada.

One very important criteria to buy the business and also get your permanent residency in Canada is that you must retain the employees who work at the company before you bought the company and when you finally buy the business and move to Canada.

Canadian Investor Visa Programs

Initially we mentioned that there are several investor visa programs in Canada that are formed to help foreign business owners or entrepreneurs immigrate to Canada and become permanent residents and we will be going through some of these programs.

  • Start-Up Visa Investor Program

If you are looking to immigrate or move to Canada as an investor, the most preferred option available is to apply for the general Start-up Visa Program. Although there are certain requirements you will have to meet for your application to be successful by creating jobs for Canadians, being able to compete internationally and being innovative.

Requirements for Investors


Here are the requirement to qualify for the Start-up Visa, applicants must:

  • You must have a qualifying business
  • Display arbitrate knowledge in both English and French (CBL5)
  • You have to get a letter of support from a designated institution (this allowing you to receive a minimum funding commitment of $200,000 CDN from a designated Venture Capital Organization and $75,000 from an approved Angel Investor, or Business Incubator)
  • Lastly you must bring enough money to settle in Canada

  • Entrepreneur Program

Due to the fact that they create employment opportunities and greatly add to the Canadian economy, entrepreneurs are encouraged and advised to apply for this immigration stream. Applicants who are successful are able to open a business in Canada, as well as gain permanent residence status in the country.

Requirements for Entrepreneurs

Here are the requirements to qualify for the Entrepreneur Program, applicants interested must:


  • Endeavor to establish, purchase or make a significant investment in any business in Canada within two (2) years of landing in Canada which will result in a substantial contribution to the economy
  • Must make sure you engage in ongoing and active participation mainly in the management of the business
  • You also will have to employ at least one permanent resident or Canadian citizen aside the entrepreneur and his dependents.

To be sure that these terms and conditions are met, entrepreneurs are expected to report to immigration officials their progress so far, consistently on a weekly or monthly basis within this two year duration.

  • Self-Employed Persons Program

This particular business immigration stream is also for those who will either establish or purchase a business in Canada that will make a “great or massive” contribution to both the economy and also the cultural or artistic life of Canada

The eligibility or requirements under Self-employed persons program:

  • Must have relevant experience of at least two (2) years’ experience in the last five (5) years
  • Applicants must be able and willing to be self-employed in Canada
  • Be able to also meet the program’s selection criteria which is a minimum thirty-five (35) points and meet medical, security and other conditions

Selection criteria are mostly based on:

  • Education
  • Age
  • Language abilities
  • Experience
  • Adaptability


  • Corporate Immigration

Corporate Immigration is the best and most preferred option for those who have started a business already but are looking to expand and grow their business to Canada. This particular immigration category was specifically invented for large, medium, and small companies or businesses that want to transfer the individuals they have employed seamlessly across borders.

These come with vital legal steps to take when transferring those you have employed to Canada. This is possible through a variety of services and this help to coordinate the logistics of your travelers so that every employee of your company can arrive at their destination without any or no complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get An Investor Visa For Canada?

This is a summary of the entire process
Buy or establish a Canadian company
Your Canadian company employs you
Then apply for a work permit through a business immigration program
Operate your business in Canada for two years
Then apply for permanent residency
Finally become eligible for Canadian citizenship

How Much Money Is Requires For Investor Visa In Canada?

For you to be qualified for an investor visa to open a business, you will have to show proof of $350,000 – $800,000 CAD. You net worth is also a very essential proof which you will have to provide. Note that this amount rate is solely depended on the province you are applying for from $350,000 – $1,600,000 CAD and you net worth and income must be obtained legally.

What Is The Minimum Investment To Get In Canada?

The minimum investment to get in Canada is Federal start-up visa program. The requirements for applicants are:
To attract an investment of $200,000 from a venture fund or $75,000 from a business angel from the accredited list
Must show a prove that you have knowledge of English or French (CLB level %)
Must avoid living in Canada


Final Note

The Canada investor visa is a very sure one provided that you have all the necessary requirements and also meet up with the terms and conditions by Canada. Why this is easy in a way is that your business or investment has a way of growing the economy of the country and Canada welcomes anyone that has the idea needed to developing their country.

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