How To Stay Awake To Study

How To Stay Awake To Study

How To Stay Awake To Study-Staying awake to study all night can be really challenging for many students. It is common for students preparing for examinations and also first-year students in the University or Polytechnic.

Many times you find students complaining that they always feel sleepy whenever they try to study at night. It is an exhausting experience because for some students the night may be the only opportunity they have to study.

Pulling off an all-nighter can be a difficult task for a student. You can easily find many students going to night classes with big textbooks. But at the end these big textbooks become pillow.

Let’s help you out with some helpful tips on how you can stay up all night to study…

How To Stay Awake To Study

·     Study in a place that is not too comfy

Feeling too comfortable while studying is a good dose off, because you will surely feel drowsy so I recommend that you study in a hard chair and make sure you are seated upright to help you concentrate.


But that doesn’t mean you should end up making yourself too uncomfortable because that too will deprive you from studying well yet try not to be too comfortable while studying.

·     Change your study spot

This technique will help you not to feel too relaxed with a particular study area or position. So instead of studying in the one place every day, you can choose to change location everyday so you don’t get too used to a particular place.

But whichever spot you choose to study, let it be place that will help you focus and have a better study time.

·     Avoid distractions

When you sit to study at night, it is advised that you take away any form of distractions from you like phones so that you will not end up looking at it when a message comes in and be distracted. Give your study your concentration so that you will stay focus and not feel drowsy.

Also, try to avoid every distracting thought and fix your mind and brain on what you are studying.


Try to read in a place with little or no distractions so that you can be more concentrated, because when you keep getting easily distracted, you will get frustrated and may decide to sleep instead.

·     You can try listening to certain type of songs

This is for people who find it easy to read with music because when you listen to the right music it can help your mind and brain to stay active and also help you enjoy your studies.

Play a song that is calm and lively and put it at a moderate volume to avoid you getting distracted.

You can decide to use your headphones to listen to the music.

·     Study with bright light

To avoid falling asleep while studying, then try not to study with dim light because by doing so, you will end up straining your eyes or squint to see what you are reading and this will make you feel sleepy.


Turn on the light in your study room and also use bright lamps or light to read because it will help your brain to stay awake.

So I advise you brighten your study area.

·     Chew gum while you are studying

This may not work for everyone but it is still a great technique to keep your mouth busy and your brain active. You hardly sleep when you are chewing something because chewing gum while studying at night will increase the flow of blood to the brain and help you stay mentally alert.

·     Drink a lot of water

It has been scientifically proven that drinking a lot of water is good for the body as it helps to free up the body and reduce fatigue. It will help you to stay hydrated and active.

Water helps the brain to stay active and awake. So keeping a bottle of water by you side and taking sips while you study will be really helpful.


·     Try taking coffee or any caffeinated beverage

This greatly helps you get instant boost to stay awake to study. Caffeine is known to keep you from sleeping because it prevent the cells that make you feel tired from reaching the brain and by that it keeps you awake.

However, you should be mindful of how you take it as too much of everything can harmful and caffeine have some side effects if abused. Make sure you don’t take coffee within six hours of the time you plan to go to bed or you might find it hard to fall asleep.

·     Read out loud to keep your brain active

Although this might not really be your way of reading but it helps especially when you are trying to stay up to study. Reading your books out loud will prevent you from feeling sleepy as your brain will be active and it also helps you memorize and remember what you are reading.

Try asking yourself questions while studying; more like having a discussing with yourself and try to link what you are studying with what you already know or real life situation because it will make your study session interesting and lively.

·     Take a short nap if you are tired

This shouldn’t be an opportunity for you to sleep deep but it is meant to help boost your brain and mind. When you take a short nap before reading it will really help you remain focused when you start studying because you will feel refreshed and energized by the time you wake.


Go to a quiet and dark spot and have a nice nap so you won’t get tired when you wake to study. Your nap could be a 20 to 30 minutes.

·     Switch topics so as to stay active

Choosing to study up to four topics will help you stay engaged so you won’t get bored. You can choose to switch topics every one hour so as to stay awake and active. Studying one topic for hours might get really boring. So you can decide to take breaks at intervals to switch topics.

·     Do a 20 to 30 minutes exercise

This will stretch the body and help improve blood flow in the body. Exercising your body wakes all your muscles and organs to release protein in your brain to help enhance your memory.

Don’t engage in a stressful exercise that will make you tired, but rather do something light that will help keep your body, mind and brain active.

·     Try studying with friends

This is a great way to make your study session interesting and keep you awake to study. Get some of your friends or classmates and form a study group as this will help you study better.


Try to have a more interactive study session, where you all can ask one another questions and discuss on how you understand what you are studying.

You can be involve 3 to 5 persons so that it will be less distracting because having too many people in the group could make you all forget the purpose of creating the group.

Create study goals for each study session as this will help keep everyone focused and motivated to study so that the purpose of the gathering will be achieved.

·     Eat healthy foods

There are many foods that give you energy and help you to remain healthy. Ensure to eat foods that are rich in protein because it will give you energy without making you feel sleepy or tired.

You can choose to eat meat or cheese as these foods do not digest easily and will keep you awake as you study. But if you know you can’t study for a long time, then you shouldn’t eat too much so that you don’t overfeed and become too full to study and start feeling tired.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is can I study without breaks?

You can choose to study for up to one hour then take a 5 to 15 minutes break to think through and understand what you have studied and refresh yourself to study again for another one hour. Make sure to understand your study habit and set your study schedule to fit the best time you can study better and assimilate faster.

How many hours of studying is too much?

Let me have you know that there is nothing like too much studying but try not to go above 6 hours when studying at a stretch because your brain needs rest so that it can be refreshed.

Final Note

Studying can be difficult at times but as a student, but it must become a part of you especially if you want good grades and want to come out top of the class. You should try to study everyday but not every time and what this means is that you should make a study schedule that will help you set out time to study every day, this will help make studying a part of you.

Make use of the tips we have provided to see how you can stay awake to study even after a long day hectic in school and stressful lectures.

Reference – How To Stay Awake At Night To Study

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