How To Study For A Test The Night Before

How To Study For A Test The Night Before

How To Study For A Test The Night Before-There are times many students find themselves in a situation where they have a test coming up the next day and just have the night before to study for the test. In times like this, there will be a lot of cramming and skimming because you only have a short time to study.

This is why students are always advised to study so that they won’t be caught unawares by test or exams. Well, this shouldn’t be a problem for you as we are going to reveal some tips in how you can study for your test the night before your exam and pass.

For some students, it’s the night before the big exam. The hard work is done, the revisions has met its end and now is the perfect time to calm down the nerves and be sure that they are ready to enter into that exam hall well rested and confident in their ability to write an amazing exam essay.

For other students it becomes frightening haven procrastinated until the night before a test to study. We all know you won’t be able to cram all that was thought all throughout the semester in one night, However, you can learn enough to pass the test using these techniques.

Now let’s go into showing you some tips on how to study for a test a night before…


How To Study For A Test The Night Before

·     Try to eat something light

When you want to study at night, do not starve yourself else you might start feeling hungry and this can steal your concentration from what you are studying. Eating something doesn’t mean eating too much, you shouldn’t eat heavy foods because you will end up feeling weak and sleepy, so I advise you eat light and healthy foods.

You can as well eat fruits like apple as it can help you stay awake at night.

·     Find a quiet and clam place to study

It does not matter if you are studying or trying to cram, you still need a quiet and calm place to study with little or no distractions. When we say find a quiet and calm place, yet you shouldn’t be too comfortable as it might cause you to start feeling sleepy.

Find a position or place where there is light so that your body and brain doesn’t shut down to sleep.

·     Avoid distractions

If you really want to stay study at night and concentrate, you will have to take away every form of distraction since you know you only have the night to studying for the test which is the next day.


Give what you are studying your undivided focus by turning off your phone and any other thing that may distract you.

·     Stay calm while studying

To help you studying well at night, you will have to stay calm and focused on what you are studying, avoid all forms of anxiety because of the exam. Staying calm will help you gather your ideas or thoughts and prepare yourself for the study session.

·     Make good notes

Since you have just a short time to study, it is important that you make good notes about what you are studying. Don’t study randomly, find out what you really need to study, find out the topics that seem to be very important to the teacher and lay more emphasis on them.

Go through your lecture notes and read through everything because your lecture note is a summary of the subject and there, the teacher has outlined what he or she thinks is important.

·     Identify the key concepts

Because of the limited you have to study you will have to focus on keywords, key-points and concepts. These key concepts and points are things you need to know so you have to thoroughly memorize them.


Look through the key section of your textbook and write out any information that seems to be important. Concentrate on key formulas and skip little details for later. The most important details are most likely to come out in the test.

·     Recite what you have written out aloud

Although this many not be the reading style of many but it is a good way to memorize and retain information for a short time. Reading aloud will help your brain to assimilate the information better. You can also use mnemonics to help you memorize this information.

When you use mnemonics it will help you remember what you have studied faster and easier.

·     Take breaks

You wouldn’t want the stress your brain by trying to study for hours without breaks because you have limited time. Taking breaks at intervals will help you study well and allow the brain to relax and get refreshed for another study session.

When studying, give your brain and body time to process what you are studying so that you will be able to remember them the next day which is the test day.


We advise you take a 5 to 10 minutes break to relax your brain and get prepared for another study session.

·     Get some sleep

After you must have studied for some hours, you will have to get some sleep so that you don’t get too tired the next day because if you are too exhausted, you might end up forgetting some of the things you read at night.

So as much as you might want to stay up all night to cover your syllabus, try to get some sleep so that your brain is refreshed and ready for the test.

You can wake up early to take a quick glance at what you have read at night so as to get familiarized with it.

·     Eat a healthy breakfast

Very important, you should ensure to eat something nutritious before going for the test because it will help your brain work better. Being careful of what you eat, try not to eat something that will give you discomfort during the test so that you don’t get uneasy and distracted during the test.


Make sure to have a light breakfast so that you will feel light during the test.

·     Take a little quiz with a friend before the test

This can be very effective as it could help you in remember all that you have read at night but you will have to do this calmly. You can have a little question and answering session with a friend so that what you read at night still remains fresh in your memory.

·     Go offline

If there are no important, study-related reasons you need to be connected to the internet or social media, then you will have to consider keeping your phone far from you for that night. The only thing you should be focused on is the exam for the 12-24 hours leading up to the exam, every other thing can wait.

·     Don’t study too late

As easy as it may seem, late night cram sessions is never an effective way to study even though It may seem like you’re making the most of your time by studying until the last minute. However, if you do not give your brain a chance to rest you will end up having a hard time remembering the information you studied.

·     Prepare for the morning

Prepare all the materials you will need for your test the next day. You should have extra pens, pencils, erasers, and any tools you need (like a ruler or calculator). Gather everything into your backpack the night before so you won’t wake up the next morning and start searching and panicking.


. Get some exercise

After you must have spent time reviewing for your test, get some exercise by going outside for a short walk. This little exercise will help reduce any stress or anxiety you are feeling and recharge your brain.

·     Set your alarm

Set your alarm so you don’t wake up late the morning of your test. By setting your alarm and getting up on time, it gives you some extra time in the morning to eat a good breakfast and get ready for the day’s test without feeling rushed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I study without breaks?

You can study for up to an hour then take a 5 to 15 minutes break which will help you process what you have studied and refresh yourself to study again for another one hour. Try to understand your study habit and set your study schedule to fit the best time you can study better and process faster.

How many hours of studying is too much?

Basically, there is nothing like too much studying but try not to go beyond 6 hours of studying in one sitting because the brain needs rest so that it can be refreshed.

Final Note

I want you to have in mind that waiting to study for a test the night before is not a good way to become an outstanding student. You should grow to a stage where studying becomes a part of you, because for you to be more knowledgeable in a subject, you will have to study every day.


When you study every day it becomes easier for you to study for test the night before. So even though we have given you some tips to help you study for test a night before, we still advisable that you set out time to always study so that the subject or course will not seem new to you.

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