How To Apply For University Of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards 2023

University Of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards 2023

University Of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards 2023-So many people from various parts of the world desire to pursue a degree in Canada, most often students from developing countries. Unfortunately, only a few of this population can seamlessly afford to apply and study in any university of they desire in Canada. Studying abroad can cost a lot for many students making it quite difficult for them to achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

This issue lead to the creation of student grants and scholarships from various schools, government, and even private organisations, which has brought hope to many students with dreams of studying abroad. So with these scholarship opportunities, they can study abroad for free or just a part of the total cost. The University of Saskatchewan’s International Excellence Awards is one of such opportunities offered to students seeking to study in Canada by 2023.

The University of Saskatchewan offers scholarship that allows international students to study for a bachelor’s degree program. Recipients are allowed to receive the International Student Entrance Award and also to a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship. Foreigners are also allowed to participate in m The Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards.

The University of Saskatchewan is not just one of the best universities in Canada but also a supportive, and cosmopolitan that is located in the centre of one of Canada’s most lively cities, where students from all countries and all backgrounds are welcome.

About The Host University

The University Of Saskatchewan is a member of the prestigious U15 Canadian research university group, and it offers some of the best analytical facilities and tools in the Canada.


Their research explores various areas which includes, treatment of cancer, crop development, animal and human vaccines, business, education, Aboriginal issues, natural resource development, sustainability, energy, space science, and nuclear physics, they are also engaged in associations of research around the globe.

Students of the university of Saskatchewan are opportune to work with top researchers like, 30 Canada Research Chairs, 19 Royal Canadian Society Fellows, eight 3M National Teaching Fellows, five Killam Research Fellows, and a number of other acclaimed faculty.

The University has an open and warm community that welcomes people from all parts of the world and make the feel at home, as they also have a growing number of international students. Students are given the opportunity to freely relate with the lecturers and even one another, and they enjoy new opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom.

About The University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards 2023

The University of Saskatchewan is considered to be one of the best universities in Canada, and it turns out to be the first and major choice for many international students that wish to study in Canada. Now, if you are a foreigner and you wish to study in the University of Saskatchewan Canada, these scholarships are gearing up to take place now. These awards are mainly crated for international students who wish to pursue their undergraduate education at the University of Saskatchewan. It is not news or surprising to know that the university of Saskatchewan stands as one of the best Universities in Canada, because from all aspects, it proves to be worth the praise.

The International Excellence Awards are given out by the University of Saskatchewan, Canada to international students who enter any direct-entry college at the university. Mind you, scholarships from the University of Saskatchewan are given to students with some of the most outstanding grades. So there no better time to apply for the academic year 2023-2024 than now.


These awards are for the students from parts of the world (international students). However, these awards are based on the academic achievement of the students. If you are reading this post, it means you are interested. I urge you to submit your applications before 15th February 2023.

Scholarship Degree Level

University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards 2023 is open to undertake Undergraduate level programs at University of Saskatchewan. You do not have to worry as this scholarship is awarded in all subjects offered by the university.

Host Country

Canada is the host country of this scholarship as it is obtained at the university of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Scholarship Benefits

The programs University of Saskatchewan Scholarship award is worth $10,000 CDN.

Available Courses

Following subject that are available to study under this scholarship program includes:


All Courses

Eligible Countries

The University of Saskatchewan international Excellence Awards 2023 is open to both national and international students that wish to study at The University of Saskatchewan.

Number of prizes

The university Awards 4 Saskatchewan Scholarships for International Students

Eligibility Criteria/ Requirements

 The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • International students (non-Canadian citizens paying different tuition fee) entering any direct-entry university at the University of Saskatchewan will be considered for an international student scholarship.
  • Recipients of these awards are qualified to get the International Student Entrance Scholarship together with a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship.
  • Applicants who are eligible are those  with a first degree from a prestigious university and academically excellent, disadvantaged based on bases of disability, socioeconomic status, and do not have a job at all or had a job but were unable to handle the costs of their studies Eligible for the scholarship.
  • Having financial setback in financing postgraduate university education.
  • Have leadership/community experience.
  • English Language proficiency: If English is not your major language, you will be required to demonstrate that your English language skills are at a good enough for you to be successful in your studies.
  • Applicants are required to enrolled in a full-time study programme for the next academic session at the university of Saskatchewan.

How to Apply for The University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards  Programs

Students that apply online for undergraduate admission will be eligible for consideration. The deadline for the application is February 15, 2023. Students are also required to submit supporting documents, pay the $90 CDN application fee, and they must meet up with the admission requirements of the University of Saskatchewan (including English language ability) by March 1.


Funding Type For The University Of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards In Canada 2023

Mind you, the University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards in Canada 2023 is not a full funding scholarship; rather it is a Partial Funding scholarship.

Scholarship link

Find further information on this scholarship opportunity at the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Scholarship Page.

Deadline For Application

The deadline for this scholarship is February 15, 2023.

Other Financial Aid Offered at the University Of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan provide a well-coordinated financial service to students in easy, accountable, and transparent ways:

Student Accounts:


  • Tuition and fee payment and troubleshooting
  • Working with sponsoring organisations

Student Aid:

  • Canada government student loans
  • Short-term crisis aid for eligible students

Student Awards:

  • Undergraduate awards coordination and payment
  • Student award development

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get an offer letter from University of Saskatchewan?

4-5 weeks
The University of Saskatchewan basically has an awaiting time of 4-5 weeks between application deadlines and offers of acceptance, but it is advisable that students keep going back to check regularly. Students who wish to apply to study in the University of Saskatchewan can do so through the university’s online student portal where they can submit their application.

Does University of Saskatchewan offer full scholarship?

At the University of Saskatchewan, students can receive one Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship and one Best and Brightest Entrance Scholarship, Competitive Entrance Award or Excellence Award. Students who meet the eligibility requirements for more than one award, will automatically be offered the one of the highest value.

Is Saskatchewan good for international students?

Saskatchewan, a province in Western Canada, is creating lots of opportunities for international students as it provides quality education and lots of great job opportunities.


Final Note

The University of Saskatchewan has made its importance and value among the students of the world with its excellent education, facilities for the students and research activities for which it holds a great importance across the globe.

So if you wish to study in Canada and the University of Saskatchewan is your dream school, then this award is a great opportunity for you and this is also the right time to apply. Applicants from all parts of the world are invited for the University of Saskatchewan International Excellence Awards.

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